Protect Infected PC From Ransomware

Many times while using the PC, you getting interrupted by some irritating messages that your files will go on encrypted unless you pay for the solution.These are cyber criminals.Now to get rid of all these problems you’re given the option of giving a small amount of money in hide of police or others.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware virus is an interruption created in accession of your computer system demanding for the payment of ransom to access your PC flawlessly. It may also be called a crypto virus, crypto trojan or crypto worm. The main problem from this Ransomware is that it has constantly reinvented attacks. To avoid such troubles, users need to make use of Ransomware removal tool.

Where does Ransomware come from?

Persons who are highly expert in the field of computer are doers of such type crimes.They enter your PC by your e-mails or the browsers you open to see your searches which are already marred. The producers of ransomware work in professional teams constantly updating and producing new varieties of Ransomwares.

How to recognize about a Ransomware?

Unless and until you find that you’re unable to access your computer.You won’t be able to use your PC easily,you’ll know your PC is effected by Ransomware.

How to get rid of it?

Quick and fast way to get rid of all these problems is to use best anti-ransomware software in your system so that your PC remains safe and guarded.

How to Prevent from Ransomware-

  • The best way is to always be up-to-date in software browsers ,operating systems and other any plug-in toolbar you use in your computer. Multiple steps that can be taken to defend the enterprise against this Ransomware, a layered approach is always best.
  • Your anti-virus software and firewall protection must be up to date. It’s best to have a multi-faceted security solution that employs additional protective technologies such as heuristics, firewalls, behavioral-based threat prevention, etc.
  • You have to make security awareness campaigns that stress the avoidance of clicking on links and attachments in emails.
  • Backup the data- It’s imperative to remove the external storage device once a backup has been taken so that if ransomware does infect the computer,Ransomware would’not be able to infect your Back-up data.
  • Should have GPO restrictions for restricting not only ransomware, but malware in general from installing.It has the ability to provide granular control over the execution of files on an endpoint, so adding rules that block activity.
  • Patching-commonly exploited third party software such as Java, Flash, and Adobe will undoubtedly prevent many of these types of attacks.
  • Restrict administrative rights on endpoints.
  • Disconnect from WiFi or unplug from the network immediately.
  • Use System Restore to get back to a known-clean state.
  • Disable RDP-By using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a Windows utility that allows others to interfere in your desktop remotely. If you do not require the use of RDP, you can disable RDP to protect your machine from File coder and other RDP exploits
  • Filter EXEs in emails , i.e. to deny mails sent with files that have two file extensions, the last one being executable (“*.*.EXE” files, in filter-speak). If you do legitimately need to exchange executable files within your environment and are denying emails with “.EXE” files, you can do so with ZIP files (password-protected, of course) or via cloud services.

Let’s have some knowledge about these anti-ransomwares.

RegHunter :

[tabby title=”RegHunter”]

In case your PC runs slow or is inactive you can be helped out by Reg Hunter.

RegHunter is quite helpful in cleaning, in maintenance of registry and running your computer fast and in tip-top condition.

[tabby title=”Key Features”]

Benefits of Reg Hunter

  • It scans and fixes Windows registry easily.
  • It Boosts your PC’s performance in a flash.
  • It includes additions and improvements to its primary registry scanning functionally and feature sets.
  • It is user friendly interface which means it has been designed for all type of computer users in mind.
  • It is full of new features like registry repair and all needed functions.
  • It optimizes your system .
  • It has hard drive defragmentation .
  • Quickly finds and removes unnecessary duplicate files in your computer.
  • File Shredding – It goes beyond removal of files from your Recycle Bin permanently and securely deleting files from your system with the help of RegHunter new File Shredding feature.
  • It has back ups and Rollbacks.
  • It has Autostart Apps.
  • It has Remove Desktop catch.
  • It has Clean Windows Service Back ups .
  • It has Autoplay Toggle .
  • It has Utilities function for advance users which helps them in removing embedded malware manually with troubleshooting Widows startup issues .

[tabby title=”Free Download”]

The trial version of RegHunter is available for the users. You can download it to check the working efficiency of the software. Click on the button below to download it now.

You can also compare the features of different programs. It will help you to select the best software to enhance the security of your PC. Click on the button below to see the comparison chart.


Plumbytes :

[tabby title=”Plumbytes”]

Plumbytes is a security tool or anti- malware which can protect your system from different onlinethreats. This software includes fast scanner, security threat detection,browser protection, remote assistance and many more other features.

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Benefits of Plumbytes –

  • After scanning Plumbytes at once shows you the list of trojans , worms, rootkits,spywares or other malicious programs which are infecting your systems
  • Another importance of this anti-malware is its Security Threat Detection.
  • This software also warns you of malign web pages and phishing websites .
  • Its Anti hijack feature protect your browsers protected from unwanted modifications .
  • This anti – malware comes with a free 24/7 technical support provided by computer experts .

It’s Availability :

Plumbytes is available in two versions –

First one is Free vertion in which scanner is provided so that you can check your PC is safe or not . In case any unsafe component is detected , it will give out the name, location and a short note of the threat.

The second one comes with full vertion. It can be purchased for 34.99 Euros and it is valid for six months . This tool can be renewed automatically .

Plumbytes is against Windows 10/8/7 (32 and 64 bit vertions ) , Windows Vista (SP2 and 32 bit) , and Windows XP(SP3 and 32 bit ).

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Plumbytes is an effective tool which will help you to remove malicious threats. If your system has been infected then you are advised to download its free version from the link below.

You can also compare the features of different programs. It will help you to select the best software to enhance the security of your PC. Click on the button below to see the comparison chart.


Reimage :

[tabby title=”Reimage”]

Why Reimage ?

Reimage is a unique piece of program which has the technological power to reverse damage to your Windows OS and damaged Windows files and restoring your computer and eliminating the need of re-installation .This also improves Windows performance.
When your window is repaired and tailored to your specific system, that is totally private , automatic and affordable . It doesn’t need lengthy back – ups ,support phone calls , guesswork or an risk to your personal data .It keeps the database always up to date .

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Special characteristics of Reimage –

Reimage can Repair and Rebuild windows, Remove virus, Repair Virus damage, Fix error Messages, Optimize Registry Has Database of new up to date replacement files, stop PC from Crashing and Freezing, Is peek proof and is completely private, gives convenient repair at any time and Restores and replaces DLL Files .

Fantastic Work of Reimage –

The highly respected computer magazine recently published a rave review of Reimage’s online PC repair tool, calling it “a miracle software” that actually “delivers on its promise”.

It fixes your Windows problems with its patented Windows recovery software. Your privacy is valuable and safe .They are always ready to answer your questions and guide you to complete repair with 24/7 email support.

Shines out in News Popular news magazine The Daily singles-out Reimage’s potential as a valid online computer repair solution to the “problems that pop up in the everyday use of Windows”.

[tabby title=”Free Download”]

Reimage helps the users to fix errors, remove PC threats,  optimize registries and many more. You can check its working performance by downloading the demo version.

You can also compare the features of different programs. It will help you to select the best software to enhance the security of your PC. Click on the button below to see the comparison chart.



[tabby title=”WiperSoft”]

As a computer user we constantly come across many Malware threats by Cyber criminals who insert in your PC without your knowledge as you open a site, they swiftly get installed in your PC in your ignorance .These programs often worsen your PC .You face many computer threats almost daily and you need some tools for your PC which could shoot out your trouble. That’s why so many anti-spyware tools have arrived which are designed to detect and remove browser hijackers, weird toolbar and other various computer threats. Wipersoft is a software which is able to quite clear out all type of infections. Any third party advertisements, browser redirection or unknown search engines cannot trouble the user if this software is utilized by the user.

After scanning by Wipersoft, the user is supplied with a list of PUPs which should be removed from the PC which is controlled by the PC owner. This process assures you about no deletion of any application without your permission. This ensures you about the idea of what kind of potentially unwanted application stay in your PC and you are quite surprised to know that a useful application is mainly the cause of all the disturbances.

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Merits of Wipersoft –

Wipersoft is easy to handle. It doesn’t need any high computer related knowledge to follow the process of elimination. It has a clean and simple process which can make you understand the total process. It is really refreshing to know that WiperSoft is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to have high computer-related knowledge to be able to follow the elimination process. The interface of the application is made to look clean and simple so that you would understand everything that is going on. In other words, WiperSoft is created for both first-time users and computer professionals: the program is powerful and simple enough at the same time.

In many cases, browser hijackers, adware, toolbars, and similar threats enter the user’s system secretly. Although, usually, there is a possibility to notice the PUPs before their installation, many users are not attentive during the installation process thus letting in many dangerous applications. Fortunately, WiperSoft is able to prevent this. It detects the unwanted programs even before they enter the system. In this way, you can be sure that you are protected.

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If you want to remove the unwanted programs or other dangerous threats in easy way then click on the button below to download the free version of WiperSoft.

You can also compare the features of different programs. It will help you to select the best software to enhance the security of your PC. Click on the button below to see the comparison chart.