[4 steps ] Remove virus from Android phone(Remove Android Virus)

You might hear about the popular CamScanner PDF creator app, which is now removed by Google from the Google play store. It is a process to remove the android virus from Google.  The reason behind doing so is, this app is compromised and start serving cybercriminals by delivering malware. This is quite a popular app and downloaded at more than a million times.

Android phone has become a target for cybercriminals and attracts several malicious programs that can range anywhere from pop up ads to mobile spyware that allows cybercriminals to spy on your every action (most dangerous when it collects your financial details and make you face financial troubles.).

So If you think that you have malware on your Android phone then you need to go through these steps to get rid of the android virus, spyware, malware and others like pop-ups. This is a manual method to remove the Android virus from the PC.

Signs of an infected Android Phone with malware

MalwareFox is a reputed anti-malware for Android devices. It is able to take care of the attempts of a malicious app.

Rather than showing clear symptoms of a malware infection, often malicious apps silently hide on the phone. Instead of damages, it shows up a charge on your bank card or phone bill with unusual high data charges.

It is very much obvious of having malware on the android device that users don’t usually discover something wrong until it’s too late. It is very much difficult to detect malware with bared eyes, especially in the case of sophisticated malware programs that might work in specific situations like while your phone is at charging. This is notified by a malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab.

There are several symptoms that you might face on your phone in different areas. Some are as follows:-

Decreased battery life:- If you have downloaded a cryptocurrency miner, it is likely your phone’s battery life will drop far quicker than normal. Apart from this, there might be several other reasons for the android battery drain.

Slower Phone Function:- Presence of malware on the device can cause use a big part of processing power. It leads to a slower android device. It becomes sluggish and takes a noticeable time in responding.

Higher data usages:- Some malware is designed with a purpose to display tons of ads on browsed web pages. This will be responsible for displaying a flood of ads and which takes a big part of the internet share. It leads to slow down the internet for you.

Suspicious notifications from banks and unknown services:- There is a type of banking malware that results to steal your details. It might result in your bank or other financial institutions notifying you of charges or even new accounts opened in your name.  SMS malware might also claim to be a premium text service that sending you the notifications for the fee payment you have just made.

Pop-up ads:- You might face a flood of ads, pop-ups while you browse the mobile web if you have any kind of pop-up malware program. This kind of android virus is bound with displaying pop-up ads that might be related to recent searches on a mobile device. This idea increases the possibility to engage users when they are most likely to click on an ad or pop-ups offers. Clicking on them causes them to get another instance of malware which leads to greater damage to their device or data.

Uninstall Suspicious Apps on Android (remove android virus)

If you are downloading an app and you really don’t know its name then it might be a red flag. Other apps, especially free apps from small developers, may contain adware or sometimes, malware too. Just to be safe, you need to remove those apps you don’t need.

Now come down to the steps that help you to remove those apps manually!

Manual Method:-

To do so, jump into Settings > Apps and Notifications > All Apps then click on the suspicious app. It brings up the uninstall button on the particular dedicated screen. It is enough to remove the malware.

But in case, if the uninstall button greyed out, the app may have gained admin access and making it a little difficult to remove.

Now need to perform some extra steps!

Head to settings > Security and location > Advanced > Device Admin apps,  there you need to check if any apps are on that list that shouldn’t have such deep access. If you find any, then just tap on the app to deactivate it, which should allow you to uninstall it from the Apps and notifications menu.

This is the primary step that you can go to remove the android virus from PC.

Run an Anti-Virus Scan

The highest accurate way to confirm the malware presence on a device is to perform an Anti-virus scan. If you have any anti-virus on a device, then it automatically scans downloads and flashes a warning message if the particular apps seem suspicious or might leak personal information, allow pop-up ads on your device, or drain your phone battery.

There are several security providers which have android apps. Some of which are pro, but all offer a free version. There is also some mobile regarded security provider such as MalwareFox software. Actually it comes in two variants:- one for PC and one for Android. It helps you to remove the android virus completely from the PC.

If you have one, powerful and reliable anti-malware on your device, then jump into your android app and select a scan. It returns you the exact app that is presenting a threat to your device. You may be able to remove the malware directly from the app. It helps you to detect the exact instance of the malicious program and you can uninstall it from settings > Apps and notifications.

(an antivirus app also eats up a lot of phone battery if you enable the continuous scan option.)

Factory Reset the phone:-

Both the above-mentioned step is good enough to remove the suspicious apps from android. But in case, if uninstalling the malicious app doesn’t work on your phone and you still get pop up annoying messages or worse, you need to take the nuclear option to reset your phone. It definitely clears your phone of all data. Make sure you have a proper backup of your important data.

After that, move to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options > Erase all data.

Stop the Malware from being re-installed:-

Now you are clear from malware programs. It is important to be like that, It means you need to prevent the re-installation of the same malware again. A good practice to be aware of what you download and where you download from. Always download apps from Google Play or other trusted sources and only go for the app you need and know is completely safe. This is how you can remove the android virus or avoid it from damaging your android device.

Recommended:- If you are in need then get a MalwareFox anti-malware for android device.