How to Delete Angus Ransomware from PC

The computers are getting in touch with the infected by Angus Ransomware. The files are encrypted by this virus if it attacks the system. The Raby was discovered this perilous threat in the computer. The users are unable to access the saved files and the personal computer is also very slow working. They always strike the message to the user’s system screen to pay the ransom money to decrypt the files in BitCoin.

Angus Ransomware Information:

The cyber-criminals are again contacted with a new threat is Angus Ransomware. After researching them, the experts concluded that it belongs to the Phobos Ransomware. The file types that are encrypted by this threat are an image, video, movie, PDF, HTML, text, and many more. Sometimes, the installed security applications just like task manager, firewall, installed anti-virus applications, and many other applications are disabled by this threat. If the user’s system get infected by the unknown threats then they will get a solution here to fix ransomware malware.

Activities of Angus Ransomware:

The personal computers are easily accessed by Angus Ransomware but the user can encounter this threat by detecting its below activities:

  • Another type of threat is ransomware, cryptovirus, and the Files locker virus.
  • The contact email address provides by this virus is “”. Due to this threat easily contact the user and express all its demands.
  • The PC users should know the ways that they are utilizing to contact with them. By sending the spam email attachments, click on the suspicious links, download data from an unauthorized or unknown website, etc.
  • All encrypted files have different extensions on them. The files can not be accessed by the user easily and always striking the error messages.
  • It may some time to start showing unwanted pop-up advertisements on the computer screen. By using this method the other malware types like adware, trojan, browser hijackers, and many more also.
  • The other harmful activity of this virus is that they can steal credentials like log-in passwords, websites URL, important files, credit card numbers, and many more.
  • The hackers will demand a huge amount of money from the user to decrypt the files from the computer. They will not provide the decryption key until the money is not paid by the user.

Angus Ransomware Ransom Note:

The users will get the document file on the system’s home screen where the ransom note is present. The name of that documents file is “info.txt” or “info.hta” and the below ransom note:

Angus Ransomware Encrypted File:

The extension will be added by this threat is “.angus” suppose if the name of the file is “2.jpg” then it will become as “2.jpg.angus”. The below types of files are get encrypted from the user’s personal computer:

Tool to Delete Angus Ransomware:

The user immediately needs to use the Ransomware Removal Tool to delete Angus Ransomware from PC. This software helps to remove all types of threats from the harmful virus from the computer and makes free from the threat.

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