How to Delete Lost Files Ransomware from PC

The personal computer users are again getting in touch with harmful threats which one is Lost Files Ransomware. This file is another type of file-encrypting ransomware that will occur a lot of problems if it once exists on the system. The cybersecurity researchers that will be discovered this virus is Xavier Mertens. This virus always demands a large amount of ransom money to decrypt the files from the computer.

Lost Files Ransomware Details:

This is the most dangerous threat to all personal computers. Professional cybercriminals are behind the development of such severe ransomware. They design this threat in a way that they will easily enter into the user’s computer. This threat encrypts the type of files from the personal computer are, and Windows Security Scanner.exe only. It is a type of cryptovirus ransomware by detecting their activities. In most of the cases, the users get irritated from the virus attack so that they will get the best solution here to fix ransomware malware.


It has a lot of symptoms that will happen to exist on a personal computer. Few of their symptoms are right below:

  • This perilous virus can be utilizing methods or ways to get enter into the user’s computer such as by sending spam email with attachments of the file, by showing fake security warning message of Windows, via downloading the files from infected web pages, through click on suspicious links, and many more tricks.
  • Cybercriminal provides a contact address which is “” to the PC users thus they will get directly get the touch and they will express their demands.
  • The cyber crooks are demanding the ransom money from the user is about $500 from the user to get back their all files.
  • This threat can leave a ransom note on the computer screen or by showing a pop-up window.

Ransomware Note:

This Ransomware once competes for their infecting process, it will leave the “Ransomware Lost Files Message.txt” on the screen which has a ransom note. The ransom notes are as follows:

Lost Files Ransomware Encrypted File:

After overall encrypting the files from the user’s personal computer then after that this noxious virus adds an extension after the file name is “.Lost_Files_Encrypt”. This ransomware affects some of the major files which are as follows:

Tool to Delete Lost Files Ransomware:

Lost Files Ransomware is much more frustrate to the computer users if it once enters into the computer. Thus we recommend them to download the Ransomware Removal Tool to delete Lost Files Ransomware from PC. The user can immediately need to download this software to get rid of this dangerous virus from their personal computer.

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