How to Delete NOOS Ransomware from PC

NOOS Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats to all personal computer and it is categorized in the ransomware family according to the experts. This virus is first discovered by the cybersecurity expert “Michael Gillespie” in the middle of September 2019 and they have expressed that threat is encrypted all files and this will demand the money to decrypt the files from PC otherwise they will delete them.

NOOS Ransomware Information:

NOOS Ransomware is another very harmful threat to all computer and this virus is the 169th variant of Djvu ransomware family. This virus is using the AES or RSA algorithm to lock to encrypted from the computer thus the user can not access the saved files easily. This virus is first to open the Remote Desktop Services port in the computer to get easily enter into them. It will fives contact addresses to the user to get in touch with this ransomware and they will demand the ransom money. Sometimes the users are not able to do many things in their PC after attacking the threats in the system that users are getting the best solution here to fix ransomware malware.

NOOS Ransomware Symptoms:

NOOS Ransomware has several symptoms that will start after existing in the personal computer. Few of them are given below:

  • If the user is working on their personal computer then they will lock documents file, image file, movie file, video file, PDF file, HTML file, and many more files also.
  • It allows the user to view a video of decrypting that is provided by this tool which will give by them after getting or receiving the payment from the user by visiting the website “”.
  • The method that is used by this virus to get enter into the personal computer is by sending fake FedEx or DHL shipping messages, through RDP TCP port 3389, peer to peer file sharing, click on malicious links, and many more ways also.
  • The experts are express that this virus is the type of ransomware threat and file-encrypting virus.
  • This perilous threat can also provide the Telegram IDs whose name is “@datarestore” where they will direct with infected computer users.
  • NOOS Ransomware is spread widely and can also easily corrupted saved data from the system. The demanded money offers 50% OFF from the user which is $490 which is valid 72 hours later it will become $980 in BitCoin. The contact email address is given by noxious threat is “ or”.

NOOS Ransomware Infected File:

NOOS Ransomware is added extension after the file name is “.noos” such as “4.jpg” which will become as “4.jpg.noos” and the below messages this file types are get infected by this threat:

NOOS Ransomware Note:

NOOS Ransomware is have left the ransom notes on the computer if it once complete and the name of note is “_readme.txt”. The ransom note is given below:

NOOS Ransomware Removal Tool:

NOOS Ransomware encrypts all types of files from the computer and the user can not access the files properly in the system. The users immediately need to download the Ransomware Removal Tool to delete this threat from the personal computer.

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