How to Delete OnyxLocker Ransomware from PC

OnyxLocker Ransomware is another type of harmful ransomware for all personal computers. This dangerous threat was first discovered by the Alex Svirid in the system. The experts have categorized this threat in the file-encrypting virus list after researching this virus. The files are encrypted by this perilous threat and the user is unable to open it properly.

OnyxLocker Ransomware Details:

OnyxLocker Ransomware is a very dangerous threat to all computers. If it once exists for a much more longer time it will be chances to lose stored data from the personal computer. The email address is provided by this perilous threat is “” and by using this address they will get easily contacts with them. This threat will also leave the ransom note on the computer screen when it once completed the encryption process. A huge amount of money is demanded by this virus in BitCoin to the address of “3LV85h9s2y5c5DLi3YiACDKaR3tytmp3Lq”. The users are sometimes are getting much more frustrating from the harmful threats then they will get the best and easy solution here to fix ransomware malware.

Symptoms of OnyxLocker Ransomware:

The virus researchers have encountered some symptoms of this threat that is much more useful to get quickly encounter this virus in their personal computer. Some symptoms of this threat are given below:

  • If the user is trying to open any infected files in their PC then they will always be receiving a warning message or fake error message and finally, the file is not open by them.
  • The techniques that are most of the times are getting utilized by this threat to enter into the system is by downloading the spam email attachments, click on suspicious links, regularly visit any infected or unknown websites, by downloading file from torrent site, just by showing regularly pop-up ads on the PC screen, and many more ways also.
  • Moreover, this threat is not encrypted all saved files and folders from the computer but it will leave a few of them unencrypted from the system.
  • The files are most likely to be attacked by this harmful threat is OnyxLocker.exe file and goload_1008_1569853988.doc file.
  • The demanded ransom money by this threat is $100 in BitCoin from the infected computer users.

OnyxLocker Ransomware Note:

OnyxLocker Ransomware is once completed their file-encrypting process or locking of files from the computer then it will later leave the ransom note on the screen. The name of documents that were left on the home screen is Прочти меня! 1 .txt, Прочти меня! 0 .txt, Прочти меня! 2 .txt, many more name of file. The note provided by this virus is given below:

In English:

OnyxLocker Ransomware Encrypted File:

The extension is later added by OnyxLocker Ransomware is “.onx” when it will lock the targeted files. The below type of files that are getting encrypted by it are given below:

Tool to Delete OnyxLocker Ransomware:

OnyxLocker Ransomware is the most dangerous threat virus and it will once attack the system then it will first slow down the computer and locked the saved files. The irritate users are must need to download the Ransomware Removal Tool to delete OnyxLocker Ransomware from a personal computer.

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