How to Delete REvil Ransomware from PC

The hackers are developed new viruses which one is REvil Ransomware and this threat gets easily enter into the computer and can easily corrupt all types of files from them. This threat was discovered by Cisco Talos in April 2019. This virus is also coming from the ransomware family according to the statement of experts.

About REvil Ransomware:

REvil Ransomware is also one of the harmful viruses to all personal computer and this threat can easily lock all files from the system. The other name of this virus is Sodinokibi or Sodin error and this threat can also connect with the user’s computer by remote connection. This threat connects with the computer or hot system by the HTTP access to other Oracle WebLogic server due to that they can easily restart the personal computer. The users are much more irritated from the dangerous virus then they will get the best solution to fix ransomware malware.

Symptoms of REvil Ransomware:

REvil Ransomware has a lot of symptoms that are most useful to detect this threat on the personal computer. Some symptoms of this harmful virus are given below:

  • The dangerous threat is using Salsa20 encrypting algorithm to encrypt the files from the computer and the user will get notified about this activity.
  • The related files of this noxious threat are “sodinokibi.exe” that makes also simpler for the user to detect them.
  • This threat will also demand the $2,500 from the user to get back all files from the computer but they will demands much more after completing 5 days.
  • This perilous threat is spread into all computers by using methods like spam emails, click on unknown links, torrent websites, CVE-2019-2725, CVE-2018-8453, visit an infected website, and many more also.

REvil Ransomware Encrypted File:

REvil Ransomware is automatically generated the extension that will later be added after the file name. Few types of file that are get encrypted by this threat is shown below:

REvil Ransomware Note:

In the end, this threat will leave a ransom note on the computer screen which has to the filename of “[random]-readme.txt or HOW-TO-DECRYPT.txt” and this threat has below ransom note:

Tool to Remove REvil Ransomware:

The most famous tool in which one is Ransomware Removal Tool has the ability to remove REvil Ransomware from the personal computer. The user can also use this software to remove all types of threats from the PC like Ransomware, adware, browser hijacker, and many more.

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