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What Reimage Fixes?

A preliminary scan of Reimage can detect all errors on your PC’s Operating system. It is able to remove and replace all damaged files found during the scan.


When reimage starts repairing the damaged files, it doesn’t only remove damaged files but also cure the damaged done to Windows files by replacing deleted or corrupted files with fresh Windows files and components from our continuously updated online database. This Reimage repair tool is able to improve the stability, security, and performance of the system.

Generally, Reimage repair tool can deal with:-

  • Windows Error
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Damaged DLLs
  • Freezing Computer
  • Virus Damage
  • Operating System Recovery

** Reimage repair tool is not able to detect a virus attack because it is not an Antivirus application.

** If you are infected with a virus and if your system is facing any kind of issue then here you can take the help of the Reimage repair tool. It can repair any kind of Virus damages.