How to remove STOPDecrypter.exe from PC

You know the ransomware program, aren’t you? If you are reading this article then you might be infected with ransomware if you have STOPDecrypter.exe program, or it might possible that you only want to know about it. It is all okay. The problem should be resolved as soon as possible because working with such a program might be harmful to you more than you think. Let’s know in detail.
STOPDecrypter.exe is an executable program that is classified as a program that helps you to remove ransomware. Ransomware is that type of computer program that tricks you to make payments for the accessing permission of your own files. You don’t need any permission to open your files, right? But, when they encrypt your personal and highly important file then you are in trouble. This is where you install STOPDecrypter.exe to remove ransomware like Ransed ransomware.
All you need in the first place is the brief information and permanent solutions for the very problem.

About STOPDecrypter.exe-

STOPDecrypter.exe is a legitimate executable file that is developed to help users to remove serious ransomware. Researchers design the tool to help the users who are under attack of crypto-malware to decrypt their encrypted files. You need to be aware that it is not that much efficient now because cybercriminals start using different encryption methods. This version of the tool is no longer useful in decrypting files. Even, after deep modification by cybercriminals, it starts behaving like ransomware and take your files down. If you find any of the suspicious things about the program then just remove STOPDecrypter.exe without any hesitation.

How STOPDecrypter.exe works?

After getting modified, STOPDecrypter.exe behaves abnormally and it starts doing the same as other ransomware programs. It spreads online using a variety of harmful methods including spam emails with some attachments of suspicious programs. Once it gets inside, it performs a scan and detects all the important files. After that, it just adds some extension to them which makes those particular files inaccessible. That additional extension might be a shadow, puma, keypass and so on. It is totally based on the version you are dealing with. In this weird situation when you are not able to access the files, you need to remove STOPDecrypter.exe ransomware and also decrypt the encrypted files as soon as possible.

How to remove STOPDecrypter.exe ransomware

File encryption is not the only thing that makes your files inaccessible by adding some additional extension but sometime, it might corrupt during the process of encryption of decryption. What if, when you find your most important files inaccessible. Here, two things are important here. The first one is like remove STOPDecrypter.exe ransomware completely from PC and another is to recover all the corrupted files and programs.
To remove STOPDecrypter.exe ransomware, you may go manually (steps are there in below). Even after going manually, you need a repair tool to get back your corrupted files. Experts suggest that first, you need to go manually to remove STOPDecrypter.exe and then install a repair tool to perform complete recovery of damaged files along with damaged windows files, registries, and other crucial components.

A recommended repair tool that is important to repair damaged programs and windows related components DLLs, registries and other files.

Get rid of STOPDecrypter.exe from Windows System

Ensure to clean the system and to remove STOPDecrypter.exe

Click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features (If you are Windows XP user, click on Add/Remove programs)
If you are working on Windows 10 or Windows 8, then right-click in the left corner of the lower side of the screen. Now, in Quick Access Menu, select Control Panel and Uninstall a Program
> Uninstall STOPDecrypter.exe and related programs
Here look for STOPDecrypter.exe or any other recently installed suspicious programs
> Uninstall them by double-clicking on the programs

Remove STOPDecrypter.exe from Mac OS System

>  If you are using OS X, On the top left of the screen, click Go button and select Applications.
> Wait until you see Applications folder and then look for STOPDecrypter.exe or any other programs that are there without permission. Now, right-click on every such infiltration and select Move to Trash

Remove STOPDecrypter.exe from Internet Explorer

Clean up your Internet Explorer web browser and refresh it with the help of following guidelines
> Initially remove all dangerous add-ons
After opening Internet Explorer, click on the Gear icon (IE menu) on the top right corner of the browser and choose Manage Add-ons
> Now, from Manage Add-ons window, look for STOPDecrypter.exe and other suspicious plugins. Now, click on Disable to disable these entries.
> If the home page is not behaving normally then just change your home page
Again click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the browser and select Internet Options. You are currently in the General tab, stay there.
> Here, replace malicious URL with a preferable domain name. Click Apply to save changes.
> Reset Internet Explorer
Click on the Gear icon again and select Internet Options. Now, go to the Advanced tab.
>Select Reset here.
> In the new window here, check to Delete Personal settings and select Reset again to complete STOPDecrypter.exe removal.

Remove STOPDecrypter.exe from Microsoft Edge

> Launch this browser and click More (three dots at the top right corner of the screen)
> Now, just click on Settings for more options
> Now, click “Choose what to clear” button under Clear browsing data option
> select what you want to remove and click “Clear”.
> Now just right click on Start button aka windows logo. Here, select Task Manager.
> From there, search for Microsoft Edge
> Right-click on it and choose Go to details option. If you are not getting Go to details option, click More details and repeat previous steps.
> On the details tab find every entry with Microsoft Edge name in it. Perform a right-click on each of them and select End Task to stop forcefully.

Remove STOPDecrypter.exe from Firefox

>First you need to remove harmful extensions. To do so, open Firefox, click the menu icon and select Add-ons then Extensions.
>Now select STOPDecrypter.exe and other suspicious plugins and click Remove to delete these entire entries.
>Reset Mozilla Firefox by clicking on the Firefox menu on the top left and then click on the question mark. From here, you can choose Troubleshooting Information.
>Now you will see the reset option of firefox. It is like “Reset Firefox to its default state” message with the “Reset Firefox” button. Click this button to remove STOPDecrypter.exe from the PC.

Remove STOPDecrypter.exe from Google Chrome

> Delete unwanted plugins first. To do so, you need to click on the menu icon in the top right corner and select “Tool” and then “Extensions
> select STOPDecrypter.exe and other malicious plugins and delete these entries by clicking the trash icon.
> Again click on Menu Icon and choose “Settings” > “Manage Search engines” under the “Search” section
> In Here, remove malicious search sites. You should leave only Google or your preferred domain name.
> Reset Google Chrome by clicking on the menu icon on the top right of your Google Chrome and select Settings.
> Come down of the page and click on “Reset browser settings”.
> Now, you need to click “Reset” to confirm this action and completely remove STOPDecrypter.exe from PC.

Uninstall STOPDecrypter.exe from Safari

> In the Safari web browser, click on Safari in the menu at the top left of the screen. After that, select Preferences.
> Now, select “Extensions” and find STOPDecrypter.exe along with other suspicious entries. Then, click on “Uninstall” to get rid of them.
>From the menu, select Reset Safari Option
>This will take you to a detailed log of dialog which has reset option. You can specify your preferences. Then, click on the Reset button to remove STOPDecrypter.exe from browsers.

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