Know To Remove [].PRT Now

Are you facing some issues in accessing your files? Is your file name longer than the original or has an additional extension [].PRT? If yes, then you are dealing with a Paradise ransomware. Before it is too late for your crucial files and important data, just remove [].PRT ransomware completely with using professional anti-malware tool. This is the only way to protect the files from damage.

What is [].PRT ransomware?

[].PRT ransomware is a malware that is developed by cybercriminals to make money by illegal mean. Actually, it is designed to encrypt crucial files. There is only one goal behind the development of such malware is to make you pay money by locking your crucial files.

Description of [].PRT ransomware

Name [].PRT
Type ransomware/Malware
Origin Paradise Ransomware Family
Extension “.[].PRT”
Distribution with the help of software bundling, spam email attachments, harmful downloads
Location various location on PC
Effects or Symptom  Most of the crucial files are encrypted with additional extension and not accessible
Ransom  $500 – $1500 (in Bitcoins)
Ransomware Contact
How to Remove** Manual Removal:-Uninstall with instructions from removal guide or scan your machine with professional anti-malware software to detect and remove it
Fix Windows** After removal of [].PRT, if any windows damage appear then repair it with a Windows PC repair tool if you don’t want to go with formatting windows
** method to remove [].PRT ransomware and repair windows damaged

How does [].PRT ransomware gets inside?

Like other malware, [].PRT ransomware also comes in many ways. The primary way of infiltration is software bundling. This malware comes in bundles with freeware, shareware and other free updates that users usually download from insecure web pages.

Here, the malware comes as an optional install. The only way to avoid this to avoid installing any freeware by choosing custom or advance installation. This is how you can deselect the additional program from installation wizard if you find that useless.

Apart from this, some more tricks that cybercriminals use to place ransomware from PC. They push malware through Spam email attachments, false updates and etc.

Sometimes, visiting pornographic and downloading torrents files are also cause to get malicious programs on computers as these are the hub of malware software.

What changes does [].PRT ransomware make?

By anyways, if [].PRT ransomware gets inside the system, you will find inaccessible files. Actually, the ransomware is able to scan the PC to find the crucial files and then lock them up by adding an additional extension with the same name of the ransomware.

Additionally, trying to access those files return a ransom note with the information that your files are encrypted and if you want to access it then purchase the decryption code. Obviously, this comes from cybercriminals. They also demand ransom to get your decryption code to access encrypted files. To increase pressure on users, they limit their offer for a certain duration. They claim that if you fail to pay within the time mark, you can never get access to your files again.

It is not suggested to pay them because in most cases, they never help to access your files after taking money from you.

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How To Remove [].PRT and Access Locked Files?

It is always important to act as soon as you see the extension similar [].PRT. Don’t seek the manual method because that will be not helpful in the case of ransomware. Just find a powerful professional anti-malware tool that can help you to remove [].PRT ransomware completely. It helps you to protect the rest of the files at least. However, it is a little difficult to repair files that are already encrypted. The only way to get those files back is by restoring them from the backup if you have before the malware attack.

The longer you take in removing [].PRT ransomware the more files be inaccessible and you cannot get them back. So, get an anti-malware tool immediately to protect the rest of the files which is still safe.

If you find PC files damages then you need to use a PC repair tool. This tool is not to detect malware. You can clean the current threat by using reputed anti-malware… To repair damaged windows files, registries, DLLs and other components, download the PC repair tool.

Fix Damages:-

Your PC is now free from malware infection but it might possible to face some error in windows functionalities. This is because malware can also damage the windows files too if stays longer. Now, you need to repair those damaged or missing files. If you are seeing formatting as an option, it means you have time and not so much crucial data on PC. Actually this is an option but takes time. It is useful when considerable damages in windows.

On the other hand, if a single file or a single functionality is returning error then use a PC repair tool which is helpful to repair or replace each damaged file with an appropriate version without taking much time.


Running [].PRT ransomware on PC causes to encrypt the files and make them inaccessible. There is only a method to get rid of this ransomware and provide safety to the rest of the files which are not encrypted yet. That is a professional anti-malware tool. Don’t think about the manual method because it is not useful in the case of ransomware malware.

If you are finding any kind of windows damage then repair that either formatting windows or using a PC repair tool.

If you still facing the ransomware then contact your regional federal officials.

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