How to Delete Lokf Ransomware from PC

Remove Lokf Ransomware and Unlock Encrypted Files

Lokf Ransomware is a very dangerous threat and is developed by professional cyber-crooks. Michael Gillespie has first discovered this threat in the system. The user gets a very bad experience after existing of this threat. The user can not do anything on its system due to files have encrypted by this virus. It will demand a huge amount of money to provide the decryption key.

Lokf Ransomware: Brief Details

The user’s computer again comes with the contact of new malware which is Lokf Ransomware virus. This threat belongs to Djvu ransomware family which has expressed by the experts. The saved files are always pop-up to the user’s screen as locked when they once click by the user. The user does not worry about the virus attack because here we provide the best way to fix ransomware malware.

Lokf Ransomware Hamrful Activities:

Most of the users are frustrated from such Ransomware but they can put away from its PC just by watching its below activities:

  • It has used some methods or tricks to enter into the system like send spam email with the attachment on the user’s email, by utilizing pirated or fake software, send malicious codes to the user’s system via torrent website, peer to peer file sharing, click on dubious links, and many more also.
  • Image, movie, video, PDF, HTML, and many other types of files have easily encrypted by this noxious threat.
  • Although, it has contact email addresses that will provide to the user are “” and “”. By using this medium they will directly contact the infected PC user.
  • It expresses to the user, you immediately need to pay $490 in BitCoin address within 72 hours. If in case, the user has not paid them then they will increase the price up to $980.

Lokf Ransomware Ransom Note:

A ransom note will leave on the users computer screen by Lokf Ransomware. The user gets a ransom note in the “_readme.txt” file. The note is given below:

Lokf Ransomware Encrypted File:

The computer users saved files have added an extension of “.lokf” and it has added in each file name. Suppose, if the file name is “2.jpg” then it will rename as “2.jpg.lokf”. The below types of files are targeting by this threat:

Tool to Delete Lokf Ransomware:

The system users troubleshoot to open saved files or data from the PC after Lokf Ransomware attack then immediately need to download Ransomware Removal Tool. The user’s system starts very fast responding and it will also kees the system away from all types of malware also. The user does not need to keep this threat int its PC otherwise it can permanent deletes the file from the computer.

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