Remove ALKA ransomware-How to access files locked by ALKA ransomware

Are you seeing .alka as your file extension? Are these files are inaccessible? If you are affirmative then your computer is under the attack of ALKA ransomware. Priority after knowing this is to remove ALKA ransomware completely from PC to ensure the safety of the rest of the files.

As far as ransomware concerns, this is a kind of malware program which can encrypt the productive files after performing complete scanning of the system. This is how all the files that come under the effect of ransomware become inaccessible. You need to know in detail about the ransomware and the way to remove it completely to ensure data safety.

Description of ALKA ransomware

Type ransomware/Malware
Origin STOP/DJVU Family
Extension .ALKA
Ransom Note “_readme.txt”
Distribution with the help of software bundling, spam email attachments, harmful downloads
Location various location on PC
Effects or Symptom  Most of the crucial files are encrypted with additional extension and not accessible
Ransom  $490 – $980 (in Bitcoins)
Ransomware Contact or
How to Remove** Scan your machine with professional anti-malware software to detect and remove it
Fix Windows** After removal of ALKA, if any windows damage appear then repair it with a Windows PC repair tool if you don’t want to go with formatting windows

How does ALKA ransomware get inside?

Sometimes, users are just shocked after seeing ALKA ransomware on a computer they are seeking the actual way how does such a program gets inside? Let’s dig the fact out.

Cybercriminals know various tricks to place harmful components on a computer without the consent of users. But what they choose to place such ransomware on a computer is spam email attachments. However, software bundling is also a way to place malicious programs on a computer.

Generally, hackers push spam email attachment which has ALKA ransomware. They forge the title to mislead. It makes you feel that the particular email is from some reputed shipping company. They trick you by saying we are trying to deliver you a package. You end up check that email. That’s exactly hackers want you to do. Clicking on the spam email attachment or clicking on link after opening that will cause to get the ALKA ransomware in PC.

Apart from this, some kind of serious software bundling will also result in getting ransomware that ultimately encrypts the crucial files. This causes them to make them inaccessible. However, after facing file encryption, all focus should divert to remove ALKA ransomware and access locked files.

What changes does ALKA ransomware make in PC?

ALKA is ransomware that can restrict access to the file. Generally, it targets the productive files like pdf, doc, excel and others. The ransomware scans the computer to find all crucial files in a computer and append .alka extension. It simply means that the particular file is encrypted now. If you try to access them then you cannot access them at all.

Trying to access them may take you to a ransom note which has details about how to access those files. This ransom note contains the information that you need to pay some ransom to get decryption code which is the only way to access the files. But, experts suggest that you never choose this option.

According to many reports of victims, after paying ransom hackers will not provide any decryption code. Anyway, this is not good to pay cybercriminals to access your files. However, you need to choose some other way, which is a professional anti-malware tool. This is the only way to remove ALKA ransomware from PC.

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How To Remove ALKA ransomware completely from PC?

The primary step you need to take after ALKA ransomware targets your computer is to get a professional anti-malware tool. This is how you can protect the rest of your files from encryption. Don’t think about the manual way because it is not worthy here. The sooner you use the anti-malware tool, the better it will be to ensure the safety of the rest of the files.

It is important to know that accessing the encryption files is difficult. You can only get them back by restoring that from their backup if you have taken before a malware attack. The only thing you can do to protect the files is to remove ALKA ransomware completely from PC with a professional anti-malware tool.

If you find PC files damages then you need to use a PC repair tool. This tool is not to detect malware. You can clean the current threat by using reputed anti-malware… To repair damaged windows files, registries, DLLs and other components, download the PC repair tool.

Fix Windows damage:-

It is important to run a PC optimizer after complete malware removal. Getting serious infection causes to modify the system files and some settings. Hence, it is important to perform a system repair to make the PC run smoothly.


First, if you are unable to access the files like image, excel, pdf, etc which are coming with the additional extension Alka then you pc is dealing with ALKA ransomware. This is a serious malware that can take down most of the productive files by encrypting them all.

As you feel like ransomware on PC, you should get a powerful anti-malware program that is the only way to remove ALKA ransomware from PC and ensure the safety of the rest of your files. It is somehow difficult to get the encrypted files back. The only way to access them is by using their backup.

After the complete removal of ALKA ransomware from PC, it is important to use a PC optimizer to repair the damaged windows files and registries. It helps the PC to run smoothly.

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