How to Remove Caleb Ransomware from PC

Caleb Ransomware is another noxious virus which invades into all personal computers. The experts are express that this harmful threat belongs to Phobos Ransomware family by detecting their all activities. This threat is mostly because of their encrypting process and there and it demands ransom money to decrypt the files from the computer.

About Caleb Ransomware:

Caleb Ransomware is a very dangerous virus and it is recently encountered in personal computers. After researching on this ransomware then it is identified that this virus is a type of Ransomware, Files Lockers, and Crypto Virus. The detection name of this nasty threat are Various AV engines, AVG, Avast, DrWeb, including Malwarebytes, and Emsisoft finds the malware by such names: Ransom.Phobos, Trojan.Encoder.29362, Win32:Malware-gen, and Trojan.Ransom.Phobos.F. This threat will encrypt all saved files from the system then after that this threat that files are can’t access by the computer users. Sometimes, the users are regularly suffering from the issue of virus or malware attack then they are getting the best solution here to fix ransomware malware.

Symptoms of Caleb Ransomware:

Caleb Ransomware is spread easily into all computer and this threat can not ask any permission when it will enter into PC. But there are some symptoms of this threat that may help to detect them are given below:

  • After encrypting the computer files from the system then it will demand ransom money in BitCoin which varies from “$500 to $2000” within a limited time period.
  • This perilous threat can spread through by using the spam email, download files from the system, visit a virus-infected site, click on suspicious links, and many more.
  • The contact email address is provided by this virus is “” to their ransom note to get steps to remove this virus from PC.
  • Moreover, this virus exists in the computer then it will execute “%AppData%” or “%LocalAppData%”, thus it can easily search or find the saved files and quickly encrypt them.
  • The image file, video file, movie file, HTML file, PDF file, and many more files are get easily comes in contacts of this virus.

Caleb Ransomware Encrypted Files:

Caleb Ransomware has added “.Caleb” extension after the file name such as “1.jpg” then it will become as “1.jpg.Caleb” such it makes easier to encounter infected files. We have encountered some file type that is get encrypted from the computer are shown below:

Caleb Ransomware Note:

The Caleb Ransomware Note is once competing for the process of encrypting the files then it will leave a ransom note which has a file name of info.hta (HTML application), and info.txt (text file). The ransom note is given below:

Tool to Remove Caleb Ransomware:

We recommend to the PC users that are getting in touch with Caleb Ransomware are must be required to download the Ransomware Removal Tool to get easily remove it. The users quickly need to use this tool because it can encrypt all type of files from the personal computer.

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