How to Remove COOT Ransomware from PC

COOT Ransomware can Easily Take Down Important Files by Adding Harmful Extension


All personal computers are again come to contact with a new malware which is COOT Ransomware. This threat is also another one that belongs to Djvu ransomware family. According to experts, this threat encrypts files from the system then after that, it will be locked them permanently. The user’s PC gets automatically restarted without asking permission.

COOT Ransomware Details:

COOT Ransomware is one of the dangerous threat that has entered into all personal computers. This virus never asking permission from the user to enter into the system. The harmful algorithm has used by this threat to encrypts files from the computer is RSA encryption and this virus is considered as a 175th variant of Djvu ransomware. They have also forced the user to pay a huge amount of ransom money to gets the decryption key. Moreover, the users are frustrated after infecting by threat but they have got bet solutions here to fix ransomware malware.

Symptoms of COOT Ransomware:

The users have plus point is that, they can encounter this threat on its own PC by detecting its malicious activities. The symptoms of this threat is given below:

  • The user must have received email addresses of “” and” through which they will contact them via this mode.
  • The user observes that types of file had encrypted by this threat are an image file, documents file, video file, movie file, text file, PDF file, and many more file also.
  • It will be expressed, if the user has contact with them within first 72 hours then they will be demands $490 otherwise they need to pay $980.
  • The modes or ways have utilized by this threat to gets enter in the system are via sending spam attachments, click on suspicious links, download files from an infected website, attach the malware-infected external hard drive, and many more.
  • Infected files can not able able to access by the PC users properly.

COOT Ransomware Ransom Note:

Although the COOT Ransomware had left ransom note on the main computer screen. The “_readme.txt” file contacts below ransom note:

COOT Ransomware Encrypted File:

Some file types that have got infected by this threat are .txt file, .pdf file, .pnj file, .jpg file, etc. The extension later added by this threat is “.coot” after each file name.

COOT Ransomware: Removal Tool:

The best-removing tool is Ransomware Removal Tool to remove COOT Ransomware from PC. This software can help to delete other threats like adware, browser hijackers, and many more and also enhance the speed of the computer. So, quickly needs to use this software otherwise all encrypted files have got deleted from PC.

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