Remove Deniz_Kizi Ransomware From PC

Deniz_Kizi ransomware is a program that manages to lock all personal files on the host machine and comes in action in late December 2019. The origin of this ransomware is Turkey. Despite that the ransom note please Read Me!!!.hta is written in English, so the malware targets users around the world. Potential cybercriminals are behind the development of such ransomware with a solo motive to make money. If you find any ransom note or locked programs on a computer with .Deniz_Kizi file extension then you need to remove Deniz_Kizi ransomware immediately. Experts recommend not to go with the instructions given by the ransomware to decrypt the files and don’t pay cybercriminals for a solution.

Description of Deniz_Kizi browser hijacker

Name Deniz_Kizi
Type Ransomware
Origin This ransomware is developed by a Turkish company and other than ransom note everything you find in the Turkish Language.
Distribution Bundling, FreeSoftware downloads, Torrent downloads and etc.
Location various location on PC and browsers
Effects on PC  additional file extension (.Deniz_Kizi) append to all important files and make them inaccessible.
How to Remove  Scan your machine with professional anti-malware software to detect and remove it
Fix Windows  After removal of Deniz_Kizi, if any windows damage appear then repair it with a Windows PC repair tool if you don’t want to go with formatting windows

Actually, this is developed to lock almost all important files and make them inaccessible. Any attempt to access them shows a ransom note with a message to purchase decryption code to access locked files after paying $300-$400 depending on the malware version. It is significant to know that as of now there is no decryption software for this malware is available. To get your locked files back, you need to remove Deniz_Kizi from the PC to remove the additional file extension.

How Does Deniz_Kizi Get Inside?

Deniz_Kizi ransomware is recently developed with the intention to make money. However, there are two main methods that the attackers use to spread the infection. It is noticeable that cybercriminals might use other methods to propagate ransomware.

Methods to spread ransomware:-

Spam email attachments:- Deniz_Kizi ransomware and much other malware find this method relatively easy to disguise as a useful document. It uses the name of some urgent services like courier or some official and reputed companies and trick users to check that. As users download the attachments they invite the ransomware to the system.

Torrent downloads:- Some cracked software and pirated software installers download from torrents might be a reason to have Deniz_Kizi ransomware on PC.

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What changes does Deniz_Kizi ransomware make?

Users only come to know about Deniz_Kizi ransomware when their files become inaccessible. It means .Deniz_Kizi extension appends with the files’ name as the extension. It makes the files inaccessible. Trying to access results causes an error with a ransom note. It consists of the support with an email address and also demands a ransom of $300-$400 to provide decryption code to access.

Experts don’t suggest to pay cybercriminals because there is no decryption tool yet developed. However, it is very important to take care of it because it keeps locking the important files one by one. If it stays for longer, you might get all your files locked. Hence, find the possible solution to access your locked files and remove Deniz_Kizi ransomware completely from PC.

How To Remove Deniz_Kizi Ransomware From PC?

As many of the files from the targeted system are locked. Users cannot access them at all. Each accessing attempt gives an error with a ransom note which demands a ransom for providing decryption code. This is not the proper way to get the files back because you will only be the financial victim. Hence, don’t trust the claims that cybercriminals are making.

If getting decryption code from cybercriminals is not a way to get the files back then what to do now?

This is the point, what to do now? Actually, here you are with the limited option to get rid of Deniz_Kizi ransomware. Actually, just one option. You need to download a professional anti-malware tool.

The manual method will not be helpful to find presence because the error is present in each of the files and you cannot even able to access them.

Hence, download a professional anti-malware tool to scan throughout the system to search the responsible running instance and remove them. It takes proper action to remove the Deniz_Kizi extension from files and make all locked files accessible.

This is the best way to ensure PC safety and the only way in this particular case to get rid of the problem related to files accessibility.

If you find PC files damages then you need to use a PC repair tool. This tool is not to detect malware. You can clean the current threat by using reputed anti-malware… To repair damaged windows files, registries, DLLs and other components, download the PC repair tool.

Fix Windows Damage:-

It might possible that having Deniz_Kizi ransomware on PC causes to drop some severe malware on a computer. Malware software is able to modify the windows settings and damage files like registries. It affects the functionality of the respective window.

In this case, finding the exact missing or damage files manually is difficult. Hence, you need to repair the windows by either formatting or using a PC repair tool. The best way to repair damaged windows is by using a PC repair tool that is able to scan the windows files to find the damaged components and repair or replace them with the appropriate version. It makes the windows running smooth and damage-free.


Deniz_Kizi is ransomware designed and developed by a Turkish company. It is able to take your files at once and append the .Deniz_Kizi extension to make them inaccessible.

Clicking on them causes you to show you a ransom note with a message to purchase the decryption code by paying $300-$400. Experts suggest not to pay because there is no decryption tool available.

The best way to get the locked files back is by using a professional anti-malware tool that is capable to scan throughout the system in search of the harmful running instance. It is helpful to get your files back by removing the decryption ransomware.

If you find some damages in windows files after removal of Deniz_Kizi ransomware then go with the windows repair tool or formatting option. Here, a better way to repair damaged windows is a PC repair tool which is a tool to repair the windows files with the appropriate version.

If you still facing any error due to having Deniz_Kizi ransomware then please write us down in comments!

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