Remove DEWAR Ransomware – How To access Files Locked by DEWAR Ransomware

Are you seeing some of you are not an accessible issue on your PC due to .DEWAR extension? It means your PC is dealing with Phobos ransomware. It is a serious issue and you need to act fast in order to remove DEWAR ransomware completely from PC. It is the only way to ensure the safety of crucial files on the computer. Otherwise, this ransomware is able to make the files inaccessible and when you try to access that it demands a ransom in the form of bitcoins. Don’t get panic. You have your chance to remove DEWAR ransomware from PC and also a chance to access your files by restoring them from backup. Let’s know things in detail related to the current ransomware.

Description of DEWAR ransomware

Type ransomware/Malware
Origin Phobos Family
Extension “[].dewar”, “.[].dewar”, “.[].dewar”, “.[].dewar”, “.[].dewar”, “.[].dewar” or “.[].dewar”
Ransom Note “info.txt”
Distribution with the help of software bundling, spam email attachments, harmful downloads
Location various location on PC
Effects or Symptom  Most of the crucial files are encrypted with additional extension and not accessible
Ransom  $500 – $1500 (in Bitcoins)
Ransomware Contact”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “” or “
How to Remove** Scan your machine with professional anti-malware software to detect and remove it
Fix Windows** After removal of DEWAR, if any windows damage appear then repair it with a Windows PC repair tool if you don’t want to go with formatting windows

What is DEWAR ransomware?

DEWAR is the name of a ransomware program that manages to encrypt the productive files on a computer. It is able to scan throughout the system in order to search the data files and change their extension. After that, if you try to access them then you will get a ransom note which has instruction to access the files. Actually, that says, you need to pay ransom to get decryption code which is the only way to access the encrypted files.

DEWAR ransomware program is able to damage all versions of windows and after getting inside the system scans the drive in search of productive data files. After that, obviously they encrypt that. The majority of the files it encrypts include excel, pdf, images, videos, and files. This infection changes its name to .dewar and makes them inaccessible.

After encrypting the productive files, this ransomware program deletes the shadow files if it exists on the PC. It ensures that you cannot restore the encrypted files from backup. That’s why experts suggest storing a backup on some other location for additional safety. Once, the ransomware encrypts all the files present on the computer, it places a ransom note to the desktop with the information on how you can access the files.

How does DEWAR ransomware get inside?

If you find DEWAR extension with any file on a computer, then just remove DEWAR ransomware which is responsible behind that. Actually, you should know the ways through which such malware programs get inside.

Cyber-criminals spam out emails with an infected attachment. This attachment has the ransomware. It tries to make you check the attachment so they trick you by saying that the email is coming from reputed courier companies. They mention the name of either DHL or FedEx. They say that they were trying to deliver a package but failed. If you have time then please check the details. If you check the attachments or click on the link present there, DEWAR ransomware slips inside. That’s all the cybercriminals want from you to do.

Apart from this, they can also exploit the vulnerabilities of windows programs or some less secured third party applications. It ends up an opening a backdoor on PC. Hackers use this to place malware or ransomware programs inside the system.

However, as you find DEWAR ransomware or DEWAR extension to the files, just remove it with a powerful professional anti-malware tool.

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What changes does DEWAR ransomware make to the system?

After getting inside the system, DEWAR ransomware causes them to scan throughout the system to search the productive files and encrypt them. This is the primary activity that ransomware is meant for.

DEWAR ransomware is able to append the extension to the productive files and encrypt them. If you try to access them then it returns a ransom note with information about how you can access the files. It includes the paying ransomware to get decryption code. Which is claimed to be the only solution to make the encrypted files accessible. It also places a ransom note in each folder that has encrypted files. Don’t waste time once you get that there is ransomware on PC. Just go with a removal tool to remove DEWAR ransomware.

How to remove DEWAR from PC completely?

This is the main section of the article. You are dealing with DEWAR ransomware on PC and should remove that as soon as possible. Just go with a professional anti-malware tool. You cannot use a manual way to remove DEWAR ransomware because there is no physical existence of its files. So, you should use a professional anti-malware tool which is capable to scan throughout the system and kill the running instance of the ransomware. This is how you can stop further file encryption immediately. It also helps to prevent any other malicious programs outside the system and keep the system infection-free.

If you find PC files damages then you need to use a PC repair tool. This tool is not to detect malware. You can clean the current threat by using reputed anti-malware… To repair damaged windows files, registries, DLLs and other components, download the PC repair tool.

How to access files locked by DEWAR ransomware?

After getting DEWAR ransomware, you may encounter inaccessible files. Even after, you are now free from DEWAR ransomware by using professional anti-malware tool, some of the files which have been encrypted are not accessible. Here, you should know that you can only get them back from their backup which must be on other locations and taken before ransomware attack. Encryption technique of each ransomware is unique and it is difficult to decrypt the encrypted files from any existing software. So, get them from their backup.


Having DEWAR ransomware on PC causes to encrypt most of the productive files. This is how the ransomware program makes most of the data files inaccessible. In this case, you need to use a professional anti-malware tool that can scan throughout the system and kill an entire instance of ransomware. This is how you can remove DEWAR ransomware from PC.

Apart from this, one very important step is to run a PC optimizer to repair windows damage. Actually, having ransomware on a computer causes to alter or damage some windows functions that throw error while using that particular functionality. Using the Pc repair tool will find and repair that and even it can update the outdated windows files with the appropriate version. It makes the windows updated and smooth.

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