How to Remove Dragon Ransomware from PC

Dragon ransomware another very harmful threat to all personal computers. This threat is the form of the Aurora virus and it is encounter in the middle of August 2019 by the experts. This noxious virus also enters into the computer and the store files o9r data are get encrypted from them. It has the main aim to take benefits from computer users and exist on them for a long time.

Dragon ransomware information:

Dragon ransomware also created by the professional cybercriminals and these type of threat is used by hackers to hack all details or encrypts the files. The sitings of the computer will get easily hanged by them thus the user will not face when they infect the saved files. This nasty threat is using the RSA-2048 Cipher to get easily start the encrypting process in the user’s computer. After completing the encrypting process hen it will change the content of the computer thus the user ill not get access that files. Once the saved files are get infected by them then it will add the .locked extension with each file and folders.

Dragon ransomware infected files:

Dragon ransomware infects all saved files from the computer but the user did not know that which type of files is encrypted by them? So, we are providing the list of files that are contaminated by this threat are:

How to detect Dragon ransomware:

The PC users are most of the time find the way to detect Dragon ransomware from the computer and thus the user will easily get encounter them. The malicious ways that are used by this threat like spam email attachments, free software updates, use an older version of Windows operating system, download the crack version of the software, by using the infected device with the computer, download file from malware sites, and many more. After encrypting the stored files from the computer then it leaves the ransom notes on the computer screen and that note has a file name of #DECRYPT_MY_FILES#.txt. The money demands by this threat are 0.3 BTC to the email addresses of and the user will not pay the money then they will delete all encrypted files from the system.

Dragon ransomware note:

Dragon ransomware easily exists in the computer but the user will not identify them because they will not detect this threat. So, we provide the note that helps the user to verify this threat are shown below:

Tool to remove Dragon ransomware:

The computer users are getting much more irritated from Dragon ransomware thus we recommend downloading the Malware Removal Tool to quickly remove this threat from the personal computer.

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