How to Remove OmniSphere Ransomware from PC(Solved)

The cybersecurity expert has recently encountered a new threat in the personal computer which is OmniSphere Ransomware. This virus is also another type of file-encrypting virus, and ransomware. After existing this virus into the computer then all files are get locked by them and demands the money from the user if they want to open it. Michael Gillespie is the first virus researchers who discovered this threat and he has also categorized this threat in ransomware.

OmniSphere Ransomware Information:

OmniSphere Ransomware is detected as a very dangerous threat to all personal computer and it is developed by professional cybercriminals. The algorithm which is utilized by this virus to encrypt the files from the computer is AES encryption, due to this the files get access by the user. The users are always receiving the error messages on their system screen when they once click to open encrypted files from the computer. All those users are that are much more irritate from the harmful threats are get the best solution here to fix ransomware malware.

Symptoms of OmniSphere Ransomware:

OmniSphere Ransomware has some basic symptoms that are helpful to the user to the user to detect this threat on the computer. Few symptoms are given below:

  • The malicious ways that are utilized by this threat to get enter into the PC like by click on suspicious links, visit torrent websites, download the files from the malware-infected websites, inert unprotected the external hard drive, and many more.
  • This threat demands the huge amount of ransom money from the users and expresses that they will later give decryption keys. The money is variant from $250 or $500 which is also variant up to $3000 to $6000 in BitCoin only.
  • The BitCoin address is provided by this perilous threat is “137BJZqMcu5RdcxyGVNXhr3u6pdLxd2dsK”
  • The name of the file gets changed and the user will not able to access all those files that are get encrypted.

OmniSphere Ransomware Note:

The users will receive a ransom note on their computer screen when this threat completely gets in touch with OmniSphere Ransomware. The name of the ransom note document is “! DECRYPT_MY_FILES_OS.txt” and the note is given below:

OmniSphere Ransomware Encrypted File:

OmniSphere Ransomware has encrypted the files from the user’s PC then it added the extension of “.omnisphere” after the file name such as “1.jpg” then it becomes as “1.jpg..omnisphere”. The type of files that are getting easily encrypted by this threat are given below:

Tool to Remove OmniSphere Ransomware:

The PC users immediately need to download the Ransomware Removal Tool to get quickly remove OmniSphere Ransomware. This software can take very few steps to remove them from the system and also the user’s data get safe. If in case, this threat exists much more time in the computer then it will permanently delete the file such that the users quickly need to download this software.

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