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SearchYa is listed as a browser hijacker program. It targets installed browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. The ability of this program is to collect and store information about browsing activities and habits. It shares this information with remote servers obviously to provide injected advertising in search results and various other places. Numerous changes occur in installed browsers and this will be the reason to give you numerous troubles. It is important to remove SearchYa and its all related components from the PC as soon as possible. Let’s know in detail about this.

About SearchYa Presence

How SearchYa browser hijacker comes inside the system?

Obviously, malicious activities on PC cause to get such programs. If you keep visiting websites that hosts numerous malware, threats, and other suspicious programs and even don’t have powerful antivirus software. Then, it is very much possible to get SearchYa and some other harmful threats on PC. After getting SearchYa hijacker, you might start facing unexpected behavior. Now, you face tons of ads, redirect links, promotional messages and etc.

What SearchYa hijacker does on PC?

SearchYa program adds a toolbar to Microsoft Internet Explorer. After that, it adds a scheduled task to Windows Task Scheduler in order to launch the program at various scheduled times. It may differ based on the version. The name of its primary executable is SearchYasrv.exe. Anyway, It’s set up files is about 2.81 MB and usually installs about 8 setup files. One more file is with this redirect virus named SearchYaUpdater.exe, which is the auto-update component of the program. It is responsible to check for the software updates and notify and update every time when it finds new versions.

The workflow of SearchYa redirect virus

  • You just detect malware in the program
  • It integrates into the web browser
  • This delivered through a third-party offer
  • Injects advertisements unassociated with the underlying web page
  • Browser’ homepage hijacked
  • Hijacks the browser’ default search provider
  • Lots of antiviruses find SearchYa as a malware

How to remove SearchYa redirect virus from PC?

Although SearchYa hijacker is seriously very dangerous for PC and should be eliminated as soon as possible. However, you can go for two methods like a manual method or automatic method.

If you are up for manual method then you need technical knowledge to find its files that are on PC to remove. Here is some help, you might need to remove SearchYa hijacker from PC while choosing the

manual method:

You can find its uninstall file in folder “C:\Program Files2\SearchYa!\”\uninstall.exe and it has an estimated size of 2.81 MB.

Apart from this, Some more files you may find on PC which is associated with SearchYa hijacker are SearchYaeng.dll, SearchYaApp.dll and etc. These all can severely damage the PC health and installed the software.

Manual method to remove SearchYa redirect virus

You need to remove all of them if you go for a manual SearchYa removal tool. After that, you need to reset your browsers to work properly.

Automatic SearchYa removal tool: –

Moreover, fixransomwaremalware suggests an automatic way to remove SearchYa or any other malware program is just going for a powerful security program. You can find a powerful security tool that helps you to remove SearchYa redirect virus and other similar programs from PC. Just get an instance of the antivirus, moreover, this will scan throughout the system, log the infected files and then either repair or remove them all. It also ensures the safety of PC in the future from attacks of malware.

Automatic method to remove SearchYa redirect virus

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