Remove [].Barak Ransomware from PC Immedaitely

Based on the report, [].Barak ransomware is able to encrypt most of the productive files on PC and make them inaccessible. Cybercriminals trick you and place the malicious files inside the system which is able to scan the entire system in search of data files and encrypt them. If you try to access them, you will get a ransom note with information that you need to pay ransom for the decryption code, which is claimed to be the only way to get your data files back. Experts suggest don’t go with those claims and never pay a ransom because hackers are not loyal and they don’t fulfill their promises. Since it is important to remove [].Barak ransomware completely from PC for data safety. Let’s know in detail about the removal method of ransomware and malware.

Description of [].Barak ransomware

Name [].Barak
Type ransomware/Malware
Origin Phobos ransomware
Extension .[].Barak
Ransom Note “info.txt”
Distribution with the help of software bundling, spam email attachments, harmful downloads
Location various location on PC
Effects or Symptom  Most of the crucial files are encrypted with additional extension and not accessible
Ransom  $500 – $1500 (in Bitcoins)
Ransomware Contact
How to Remove** Scan your machine with professional anti-malware software to detect and remove it
Fix Windows** After removal of [].Barak, if any windows damage appear then repair it with a Windows PC repair tool if you don’t want to go with formatting windows


How does [].Barak get inside the system?

Generally, [].Barak kind of ransomware programs spam out by cybercriminals. They push several emails with an attachment that has the malicious components. It has forged title and claims to come from a reputed shipping company like DHL and FedEx. They say in an email that they are trying to deliver you a package but failed. Either way, they trick you into opening the attachment. As you click the attached files you get the ransomware.


What difference does [].Barak ransomware make?

After getting inside the system, [].Barak ransomware program scans the drive to find productive data files. This ransomware appends an extension with the same name of ransomware and turns them inaccessible. It also places a ransom note in each folder which contain encrypted files. Once all the files from PC get encrypted then the ransomware places a ransom note to the desktop. It contains the information of the contact person to whom you will pay a ransom in order to get the decryption code. Don’t do that but go with other removal methods which will be helpful to prevent further encryption of the data files.

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How To remove [].Barak Ransomware from PC?

In this case of ransomware infection, it is important to remove [].Barak with professional anti-malware tool. It is able to scan throughout the system and kill the running instance of a ransomware program. It prevents further encryption of data files. You cannot go with the manual method to remove the process which does not physically appear on a specific location. This is the best way to keep the entire system data and crucial information safe. This automatic tool is able to prevent further malware attacks outside the system which is good for PC safety.

To access the encrypted files, it is important for you to have a backup of those files which are encrypted. Actually, in most cases, you cannot access the encrypted files directly even after removing the ransomware program. Here only one way left is to restore the backup of those files, which must not be placed on the same computer.

However, it is important to check windows files with the help of a PC optimizer. Some ransomware may cause the modification in system files that leads error while using windows functionality.

If you find PC files damages then you need to use a PC repair tool. This tool is not to detect malware. You can clean the current threat by using reputed anti-malware… To repair damaged windows files, registries, DLLs and other components, download the PC repair tool.


Having [].Barak ransomware inside the system causes to encrypt the data files and make them inaccessible. To stop this, use professional anti-malware tool. It can kill the running process of malware and stop further encryption of files. After the removal of ransomware, running pc optimizer is also important to repair windows files if there is any damage. It keeps the windows run smooth and anti-malware will keep the malware outside the system.

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